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USCIS Immigration matters are very complex. More than 90% of those seek a U. S. Green Card (Permanent Residence) without professional help are denied. At Lords immigration we are Secretary of State Certified & Bonded Specialists in U. S. Citizenship, Green Cards, and the Visa Applications which lead to a Green Card: the Marriage Visa, Fiancé Visa & Investment Visa. This is all we do, and we have been doing it well for more than 25 years.

Our Certified and Bonded Immigration Specialists are USCIS Certified Green Card, Citizenship, Investment & Marriage Visa Specialists.

A note from Allison Lord:

Why should you seriously consider engaging Lords for your Green Card, Citizenship or Visa Application? What makes us different?

First, I am proud to be one of only a handful of Immigration Specialists Certified by the Secretary of State for Immigration Services. My client’s are protected by a $100,000 bond issued by a AAA rated bonding company. Furthermore, in more than 25 years in business, I have never had a complaint filed with the Secretary of State or a claim made against my bond.

Ask anyone who has been my client and you will get a strong favorable recommendation—over 90% of my clients are referred by former clients.

Second I specialize in Green Cards, Marriage & Fiancé Visas, Investment Visas and U. S. Citizenships. By focusing on these specific U. S. Immigration Services I can provide you with in-depth expertise in these applications. I do not accept criminal, deportantation or clients in the many other immigration matters.

Third, I am a “hands-on” Immigration Specialist. My clients know they can reach me every day of the week. I will personally be with you every step of the way, from the time you engage me, through the interviews, to taking the Oath. I never take on more work than I can handle. I will personally prepare your application, file it promptly, never sit on it or put it aside for a later date/time and get the results in a timely manner. I will deal with every aspect of your case from start to finish.

Fourth, if I do not succeed in achieving your immigration goals I will refund 100% of the fees you have paid, unless there are special issues out of my control which we have discussed before you engage me. I simply will not accept a client if I am not confident of success.

Fifth, I work on a fixed fee basis. At your free initial consultation, before you engage me, you will know the entire cost. You will never be surprised with additional charges.You will only pay the fixed fee to which you have agreed in advance.

If this difference appeals to you, please call me now call me now for a free appraisal of your situation at no cost or obligation.

Thank you again for considering Lords Immigration.


Allison Lord

President, Lords Immigration

P.S. I go through the Secretary of State Certification and Bonding, a costly and time consuming process even though it is not required to claim to be an Immigration Specialist. Why? To:

a) give you the assurance of knowing that I really have the immigration expertise needed to serve you best; and

b) to protect you. If you do not choose me for your immigration needs, please protect yourself by only considering those who are Secretary of State Certified and Bonded. Sadly, there are many scam artists in the immigration field, many who say they are immigration experts who will take your money and hold your file for months or even years. Some have no experience, and make errors leading to denials. Some do not even file applications at all! So please protect yourself by only considering those who are Secretary of State Certified and Bonded.

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