There are thousands of international students attending universities all over the United States. At Lords Immigration we believe that if you have the passion and desire to study and pursue your education then we are here to help to get you here. 

Our Immigration Specialists will help you through the student visa process step by step and upon your arrival we like to follow up and make sure the transition has gone smoothly. The extra personal attention is included in the low flat rate.

First our Immigration Specialists will walk you through the three different student visas that you may qualify for, the F1 visa, J1 visa or M1 visa.

One reason we work on a low flat rate is that Lords Immigration believes that everyone deserves a quality education, and while in the United States on a student visa you may not be able to work.  We will discuss your financial responsibilities while in the United States as well as if we need to obtain work authorization so that you may work while attending school. This is possible if we apply for a F1 or J1 visa.

The following is a brief breakdown of the student visas international students may qualify  for.Please contact us today for a free consultation.

The F1 Student Visa

  • This is for international students who will attend a full course study at an academic institution in the United States. 
  • The F1 student visa applies if you will attend college, university, conservatory, high school and/or language school.
  • As other family based and employment based petitions the F1 student visa allows for derivatives to accompany the student to the United States under the F2 visa, but they will not be allowed to work.

The J1 Exchange Visitor Visa

  • The J1 visa applies to individuals coming to the United States to participate in educational and cultural exchange programs such as; 
    • Medical students coming to the US as residents or interns
    • Post-graduate students (Ph.D programs or higher education)
    • Universities may sponsor Foreign Scholars as temporary faculty
    • Business and Industrial Trainees
    • Government Visitor
    • Summer camp counselor and/or staff memeber
    • Au-pair or nanny
    • Any other exchange program the United States Department of State has approved.

Immediate family members may not work but will be able to accompany you to the United States under a J2 visa.

Special J1 Waiver

  • If you enter the United States with a J1 visa you may not adjust your status to hold a H, L or K nonimmigrant visa or to a permanent legal resident or other permanent immigrant visa.
  • A two year foreign residency requirement must be met otherwise a waiver must be sought.

M1 Vocational Student Visa

  • The M1 vocational student visa applies to those who will be coming to the United States to pursue a full vocational course or study non-academic courses at a college or university.
  • With an M visa unfortunately we will not be able to apply for work authorization.
  • Family members may accomodate you to the United States under a M2 visa but will be unable to work.