Immigrant Visas are the FIRST step to becoming a legal permanent resident (LPR) and ultimately on the path to US Citizenship. These visa’s result in the quickest way to obtain a green card and be eligible to apply for US Citizenship.  To be eligible for an Immigrant Visa you must be sponsored by a family member/relative who is a US Citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR), or prospective employer.

As always, there are exceptions that Lords Immigration Specialists will be able to address.  After 30 plus years of providing solely immigration services, we will know if there is an applicable waiver to use for your benefit. Our goal is to get you an immigrant visa the fastest way possible so that you can become a green card holder soon.

Lords Immigration Specialists are seasoned in all immigrant visa petitions filed with USCIS .  Let us use our years of experience to help you get your green card quickly or meet any of your immigration goals for coming or staying in the United States.

The following Immigrant visas are common and will result in your green card being issued quickly.  To see all the immigrant visa classifications please see (9 FAM 42.11)  or call us for a personal determination of what Immigrant Visa is right for you.